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Such as the comprehensive production process of copper earrings

Pressed film. A mold is formed by pressing with the inner glue and the outer glue. Then using the bistoury cutting, digging, stirring up and pressing to make a mold that can be waxed. The production staff’s elegant and skillful professional movements show all the craft skills. Injection wax. Using semi-automatic waxing machine to press the high quality wax material into the mold. Wax mold, the rudiment of each product comes out. Wax setting. Inserting the micro zircons into the wax [...]

unfading kove

About Jewelry Brand – UNFADING LOVE

Yiwu AIDAILA Jewelry Factory locates in the world’s largest commodity distribution center——Yiwu, China. The business position is fashionable high-end quality jewelry. Founded in 2010, AIDAILA is a comprehensive enterprise integrating product design, research and development, production and sales. For many years, it adheres to the concept of innovative design, high-quality production and caring service, and is committed to being at the forefront of fashion accessories. The AIDAILA brand was from the love story of business founder Mr. Zhang and his wife. [...]