About Earrings Material

Zircon is a silicate mineral,Zircons can be red, yellow, orange, brown, green, or colorless and transparent,Because zircon looks like a diamond,This led some consumers to mistake zircon for diamonds when buying,Cause not small economic loss.Here’s a look at some of the differences between zircon and diamonds to help you identify them correctly.

Common Metal for Making Fashion Jewelry/Accessories

There are quite a few kinds of materials for general jewelry, including precious metal gold , platinum,silver  steel, copper, alloy, etc.Different textures make the jewelry, the texture will have a big difference,So the metal magnetic field and metal price will be very different.The surface treatment of jewelry is also a very university question,simply speaking, it is electroplating,electroplating is also divided into many grades,the thickness of the plating material is very different,poor surface treatment may cause skin irritation when worn. The [...]

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What are Electroplate real gold,imitate gold and electroplate 18k gold Meaning?

Electroplating of real gold refers to the use of real gold as a material for electroplating, and the surface of the alloy fittings will have a layer of real gold. Corresponding to this is electroplating imitation gold, which is to use other alternative materials to make the surface of the alloy reach a golden effect. The surface of the gold-plated jewelry will be brighter and more durable, and it will be more environmentally friendly. Usually, the cost of plating [...]