How to choose suitable earrings according to the face shape?

How to choose suitable earrings according to the face shape?

Fashionable costume and beautiful makeup may make you be renewed, but a pair of chic and elegant earrings could become the decorated elf with magical power and get you “ WOW”. Let’s go and learn about how to wear the look. Be a charming woman, be different from the rest!

1.Earrings types

Stud earrings

This type is the most popular and ordianry style. The needle pierces the ear and fixed. Generally, it is always stud earring while wearring.

Drop earrings

There is always a chain of jewelry when the eardrop dangles. Some eardrop is only about 2cm while other earrings extend to the shoulder. Longer drop earrings are always for important and solemn occasions.

Hoop earrings

A perfect circle pierces the ear with a needle on the earring. In ancient China, a kind of hoop earring called Jade with a gap that some scholars think that it needs a big ear hole to wear jade while other scholars think that was clip-on style.

Hanging earrings

Just hanging on the ear without ear hole. This style is also more and more popular.

Clip-on earrings and magnet earrings

It is for those who have no ear holes. Some circle earrings are clip-on style and clip on the tragus. Pellet or stud style earrings need the character of magnet to clip on the tragus because they can not be designed as clip-on style. Magnet earrings two magnets seperately on the both sides, which is that the one is on the earring and another one is a mini magnet with opposite magnetism and these two magnets clamp the tragus firmly.

2.Choose earrings according to the face shape:

Big face: it is not fine to wear round earrings, but bigger earrings or triangle or drop-shaped earrings can make the face seem small.

Round face: microscler or drop earrings could mould the visual effect of stretching up and down and the face could be mature and beautiful.

Oval face: the oval face is the standard face shape of oriental traditional women. All shapes of earrings can take good effect, but please pay attention to the consistency between the earrings size and the whole feeling. Since the oval face is soft, similar shape earrings such as pearl, drop-shaped, circle and oval shape are the best.

Square face: oval, flower and heart shape could soft and embllish the face angles.

Heart-shaped face: the face with a pointed chin, choosing earrings with wide lower ends and narrow upper ends to balance the pointed chin feeling. Drop-shaped, triangle and stud earrings are all good.

Small face: the most photogenic face shape, medium size earrings within 2-3 cm since the earlobe are appropriate.

Long face: if you are confident with your stature, you can choose long drop earrings; if not, big circle earrings is recommended.

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