Common Metal for Making Fashion Jewelry/Accessories

Common Metal for Making Fashion Jewelry/Accessories

There are quite a few kinds of materials for general jewelry, including precious metal gold , platinum,silver  steel, copper, alloy, etc.Different textures make the jewelry, the texture will have a big difference,So the metal magnetic field and metal price will be very different.The surface treatment of jewelry is also a very university question,simply speaking, it is electroplating,electroplating is also divided into many grades,the thickness of the plating material is very different,poor surface treatment may cause skin irritation when worn.

The most popular fashion jewelry metal material on the market:

1.Sterling silver

Because the soft and elegant color has been widely loved by people since ancient times.The price of silver is much cheaper than gold,but also precious metals,silver itself is very soft, so you need to mix other metals to make jewelry.925 thousandths of silver plus seventy-five thousandth alloy,
can be recognized as sterling silver.

When you are shopping, it is common to have the “925” mark on the jewelry. This is the indication of the purity of the jewelry.


Steel is between 0.02% and 2.04% by mass of carbon.In this years,the 316 series stainlee steel make jewelry.This metal material is added with molybdenum,the surface has a very thin and strong and stable stability protective film (chromium oxide),with anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation and high temperature resistance up to 1700 degrees,the jewelry made can be polished to a very bright and fashionable,widely loved by young people, but this type of steel is difficult to manufacture,the price is not cheaper than other alloys.


The jewelry of the original copper color on the market is rare. In fact, the application of copper is the most.Because the jewelry is surface-plated,
So what you see are all products that have been plated with platinum or gold.


Silver alloy: a metal mainly composed of silver, copper, zinc and nickel.The finished jewelry is plated by surface thickening,presenting a texture like precious metals,Because the price is relatively easy and can maintain a gloss of at least half a year,Mainstream material for popular jewelry.


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