How to choose the earring style that suits oneself ?

How to choose the earring style that suits oneself ?

Earrings are taking over in all styles and sizes. It’s crucial to be knowledgeable in jewelry styles in order to be successful in the fashion jewelry business. You may find yourself asking ‘what is a floating earring’? This article answers not only that, but explains a variety of popular earring styles. In order to give the best earring selection to your boutique’s customers, it’s important to be confident in your own understanding of styling. From timeless key styles to seasonal trends, let’s dive into the elaborate world of earrings.


Statement— A Statement earring, or also known as the Chandelier earring, will have multiple levels. It may cascade and dangle, but it will most importantly make a statement. If the earring cascades long enough, it will be considered a Duster earring. Keep in mind, the Statement earring will help the wearer make a bold statement effortlessly.


Stud— The Stud earring is versatile and easy to wear throughout the day, as it sits simply on the earlobe. Classic in style, but modern depending on the construction, the Stud earring makes a feminine statement.


Hoop— Circular or Semi Circular in shape, the Hoop earring continues to be a style favorite. From a petite hoop that sits on the earlobe to a large fashion forward hoop, there is a size, style and material for all fashionistas. Materials continue to evolve and change with each season.


Floating— The optical illusion of floating on or from the ear is the unique style of the Floating earring. No matter if it is a larger back sitting on the back of the ear lobe or a dangling component sitting on the earring back, the Floating earring has an irreverent style that is unique.


Drop— The most traditional Drop earrings, would drop just below the ear lobe and would have two parts, to have a bit of movement. Taking the traditional style of the Drop earring, the modern approach has moved this classic style into a fashion accessory that is in high demand.

From classic to modern earring styles, each earring can be as individual as the person wearing them. Keep in mind that the earring style is the foundation, while the designer takes it to create the classic, modern or fashion forward approach to the traditional element. There are no boundaries in the modern earring world. Keep an open style approach to you and your customer, because not everyone wants to wear matching earrings. Your customer may also have several earring holes on the lobe, and just like the bracelet stack, you will be able to Stack the Earrings.

Earrings are no different than bracelets or necklaces, not all will fit every woman the same. A woman with a long neck may want to wear long Drop earrings or Dusters. Or a woman who has short hair will like Floating earrings. These styles are as unique as the women who wear them.

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