Such as the comprehensive production process of copper earrings

Such as the comprehensive production process of copper earrings

Pressed film. A mold is formed by pressing with the inner glue and the outer glue. Then using the bistoury cutting, digging, stirring up and pressing to make a mold that can be waxed. The production staff’s elegant and skillful professional movements show all the craft skills.

Injection wax. Using semi-automatic waxing machine to press the high quality wax material into the mold. Wax mold, the rudiment of each product comes out.

Wax setting. Inserting the micro zircons into the wax mold one by one. Undoubtedly, it is a detailed work. Look at the micro zircon, which is sucked up by the air pipe and inserted into each stone position. If you use too much force, it will damage the wax table. If you use too little force, it will not be inserted properly. Just by this way to demonstrate the craftsmanship of the producer.

Tree planting.The wax models are attached to the core of the wax tree, just as the seedlings were grafted onto a big tree. Gaps, inclination and so on are all testing the work experience of the production staff.

Molding. Molding is an important process of transferring wax mould into copper workblank, also the representative process of copper casting jewelry. The wax trees are irrigated by high-heat copper liquid to form initial copper workblank. It seems like a magic.

Cutting. Cutting the copper tress which are molded. Cutting the copper workblanks down one by one.

Polishing. Polishing the finished copper jewelry workblank with grinding wheel and abrasive paper to make the design beautiful and the surface smooth, then manual repair and gradual formation are carried out.

Manual paving. Placing the polished copper workblanks on the copper platform,inserting zircons and tightly clamping the copper claws with a tong. It is a testing for workers skill to finish this important step with such a small tong.

Burn-in. Burn-in, also known as welding, is often used for the stitching of accessories that can’t be turned out of a model, common in earring and needle splicing.For this process, we also need to make a mold, which seems to use more time, but actually it is sharpening the knives without delaying the job of cutting wood. While welding, we pay attention to control the size and firm degree of soldering point to make the design beautiful and sutructure stable.

Workblanks Checking , the quality checking before electroplating products. High quality requirements have always been the basic standards for quality inspectors in the production process of our company. Quality checking staffs have to go through strict training before they can operate. Every indicator of the product, including its shape, overall structure, local details, etc shall be considered while operating.

Electroplating, the vital process during jewelry producing. To color the product including binding, cleaning, drying and coloring. Binding is to bind the jewelry on the copper wire to ensure electricity and string together. Cleaning is to clean the jewelry surface with chemical and fresh water and ensure that there are no impurities or chemical residues. Drying is to dry the product and ensure that there is no water residue. Coloring is to place the cleaned bunchy jewelries in the plating tank to color and make sure the color is even and does not penetrate the bottom.

Plating checking, the quality checking after electroplating. Every indicator of the product, including colors, shape, overall structure, local details, etc shall be considered while operating.

Diamond adding, a decoration process to add rhinestones, pearl and other diamonds on the semi-finished products after quality inspection. High quality rhinestones, pearls, glass and other accessories corresponds to high price, which requires workers to carefully adhere.While operating, glue should not be too much, too much glue can affect beauty; at the same time, the glue should not be too small, too small will not stick firmly.

Handwork,further refinement of semi-finished products. Using round pliers, cutting pliers, flat pliers, bent needle pliers, tweezers and so on, just like eighteen weapons, cutting, hanging, closing, winding, sticking, wearing and other actions, free and accurate.

Quality inspection, the last quality inspection to finished products. If any problem is found in any link of previous work, even if there is a small flaw, the quality inspector will return to rework or directly scrap the product, ensuring that the product reaches the customer is perfect.

Packaging – the final step is packaging.Each pair of earrings is stuck with company’s logo card, fitted with a suitable ear plug, a single opp bag and the label, counting the number and putting into storage.

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