What Does Zircon Mean?

What Does Zircon Mean?

Zircon is a gem named after the Greek myth of the “beautiful boy”.It is a gem chosen to create the kingdom of god.Used instead of a diamond, the light has a high folding rate and is very shiny.Zircon were thought to have the power to safely guard production.One of the habits is,The husband and in-laws are sending zircon to the wife who has just given birth.During the middle ages,to protect the body from the plague,the power of zircon has also been used.Today we’ll take you through the implications of zircon.

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Zircon Mean

Zircon because the colorless zircon is very like a diamond,has been used intentionally or unintentionally as a diamond.Is a relatively rare mineral on earth,It is a common variety of gems.

There are many legends in the middle ages,For example, wearing red zircon can be hypnotic;Red zircon can make a fortune for the wearer,Some zircons can make people wise,It can drive away plague and evil and so on.Now some people use zircon as a December birthstone,Symbolizing “luck and success”.

Olive-green zircon: The stone of success,can bring you unexpected career luck.

Green zircon: Make you young,keep a relaxed and cheerful mood.

Yellow zircon: prosperous.

Champagne zircon: Elegance is on display,Noble symbol.

White zircon: Innocence preserves peace.

Shallow blue zircon: Relationships are multiplying.

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