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Popular Jewelry is Also in Need of Maintenance

Popular jewelry no matter how good it is, it needs maintenance to be used for a long time. 1.If the popular jewelry is an alloy plating product, even if it is the best electroplating process, if it is placed in the air for a long time, it will fade due to oxidation (especially gold). Such jewelry should not be washed with silver water, which instead Will accelerate the oxidation of the surface coating. Just avoid acidic and humid environments. The [...]

Common Metal for Making Fashion Jewelry/Accessories

There are quite a few kinds of materials for general jewelry, including precious metal gold , platinum,silver  steel, copper, alloy, etc.Different textures make the jewelry, the texture will have a big difference,So the metal magnetic field and metal price will be very different.The surface treatment of jewelry is also a very university question,simply speaking, it is electroplating,electroplating is also divided into many grades,the thickness of the plating material is very different,poor surface treatment may cause skin irritation when worn. The [...]

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What are Electroplate real gold,imitate gold and electroplate 18k gold Meaning?

Electroplating of real gold refers to the use of real gold as a material for electroplating, and the surface of the alloy fittings will have a layer of real gold. Corresponding to this is electroplating imitation gold, which is to use other alternative materials to make the surface of the alloy reach a golden effect. The surface of the gold-plated jewelry will be brighter and more durable, and it will be more environmentally friendly. Usually, the cost of plating [...]

Diana's Butterfly Earrings and Gold Bracelet

Meghan Markle Wore Princess Diana’s Butterfly Earrings and Gold Bracelet

Less than a day after announcing she and Prince Harry are expecting a baby, Meghan Markle appears to be paying tribute to her late mother-in-law. Eagle-eyed royal watchers pointed out that the Duchess of Sussex is wearing a pair of butterfly earrings previously worn by Princess Diana. The Princess of Wales was seen wearing the jewels during a trip to Canada with Prince Charles in May 1986. The appearance occurred a year and a half after Diana gave birth to [...]


9 Types of Earrings Fashion Girls Can’t Stop Wearing

Earrings have reigned as the ultimate statement-making accessory throughout 2017. From thick, oversized gold hoops and colorful tassels to mismatched pairs and major ear cuffs, we’re breaking down ear candy by every style. Here are all the earrings to buy now and keep wearing throughout fall. 1.Hoops Hoops (the bigger, the better) continue in their reign as the season’s hottest trend. Jennifer Fisher’s ubiquitous gold Samira hoops alone have been worn by every A-lister–from Jlo to Selena Gomez to Hailey Baldwin. 2.Tassel [...]

Such as the comprehensive production process of copper earrings

Pressed film. A mold is formed by pressing with the inner glue and the outer glue. Then using the bistoury cutting, digging, stirring up and pressing to make a mold that can be waxed. The production staff’s elegant and skillful professional movements show all the craft skills. Injection wax. Using semi-automatic waxing machine to press the high quality wax material into the mold. Wax mold, the rudiment of each product comes out. Wax setting. Inserting the micro zircons into the wax [...]

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About Jewelry Brand – UNFADING LOVE

Yiwu AIDAILA Jewelry Factory locates in the world’s largest commodity distribution center——Yiwu, China. The business position is fashionable high-end quality jewelry. Founded in 2010, AIDAILA is a comprehensive enterprise integrating product design, research and development, production and sales. For many years, it adheres to the concept of innovative design, high-quality production and caring service, and is committed to being at the forefront of fashion accessories. The AIDAILA brand was from the love story of business founder Mr. Zhang and his wife. [...]

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What Does Zircon Mean?

Zircon is a gem named after the Greek myth of the “beautiful boy”.It is a gem chosen to create the kingdom of god.Used instead of a diamond, the light has a high folding rate and is very shiny.Zircon were thought to have the power to safely guard production.One of the habits is,The husband and in-laws are sending zircon to the wife who has just given birth.During the middle ages,to protect the body from the plague,the power of zircon has [...]

Gold plating technique

What is Gold Plating Technique?

Ornamental gold alloy such as gold-nickel alloy,gold-indium alloys, gold-copper alloy and gold-silver alloy is mainly applied on decorations for bright-coloured, limpid unclear and likeable color. Let’s see what is gold plating technique . Gold plating technique: gold plating is a decorating techniques as well as one of the common vocabularies. Originally, a thin layer of gold covered the surface of an object. Later, it also means that somebody exercises or further studies in some environment for undeserved reputation. Ornamental gold alloy such as [...]